And Many Others

And Many Others is a theatre company
exploring the beauty and malfunctions of modern society.

Here you can find out more about
who we are,
what we do,
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Theatre Company


A quick introduction…

And Many Others was founded in 2014 from Annemiek and Claudia’s desire to connect with a wide range of artists to collaboratively make contemporary theatre. We define contemporary by the means of the work reflecting on current issues, and by approaching these subjects in newly developed theatrical techniques.

We produce untold stories that explore the beauty and malfunction of today’s society. Research forms an important component of our work; this often evolves into the use of verbatim and documentary material.

We are currently producing our second show Becoming Mohammed, which will play at Pleasance Theatre London from the 2nd until the 21st May 2017. We are collaborating with producer Hannah Tookey, writer Nabihah Islam, and SOAS University London. Auditions will be held in March 2017 for rehearsals starting in April 2017, please keep an eye on our website for further updates!


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